Private Spa – Private Jacuzzi Praha 6

Private jacuzzi – Cupid Bath

Whirlpool tubs are relaxing facilities operating on the principle of hydrotherapy and usually combine underwater air massage with massage of water. Health Club Diplomat prepared for you a completely new concept based on the possibility to relax in a private area, and also in the public zone, which very naturally builds and enhances the feeling of relaxation.

Private spa allows you to experience the liberating and uplifting effect of water massage in a romantic, intimate setting together with your loved one. Cupid bath can be enhanced by the offered drinks that our receptionist will bring to you. The drinks list includes sparkling wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer and all kinds of soft drinks.

Enjoy mutual relaxation, pampering and relaxing in the hot tub with color therapy. Bath towels and bathrobes are available for free.


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