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Massages and Cosmetics

The art of relax is the way in which we effectively deal with stress and hurrying that currently surrounds our every step. Massage is the perfect companion when trying to escape from everyday worries and get pampered with fine touches the palm and fingers.

Relaxation , fitness, sports massage

These massages are designed, so deep layers of muscle perfusion can achieve their release, renew their condition and deliver such a pleasant feeling, whether before or after physical exercise, or ” relax ” body and mind after a hard day.

Headaches relief massages + treatment of joints, spine

This program consists of palpation of trigger points that relax muscles diversely, blocking the cervical and lumbar spine, as well as upper and lower extremities and others. Along with a light workout on small balls called Softballs, ending with guided deep stretching, together we can eliminate your problems.

Reflexology of Lymphatic System

The effects of this therapy are based on a very nice massage of just fine soles (for optimum results it is recommended to take at least three) that causes detoxification of the body, accelerate metabolism, increases immunity, hormone levels and improves lymph flow. Furthermore, also has an effect on heart and blood circulation. It also helps to eliminate various mental or emotional blocks, clears the mind from stress and you will feel reborn.

Lymphatic massage focused on bodyfication

For visible and pleasing effect of slimming therapy it is recommended to complete a minimum of ten treatments. One such procedure takes 90 minutes and combines elements of massage and deep lymphatic and final warm wrap, which guarantees an even deeper circulation. Sufficient intake of fluids (water) and some oils, which are specifically designed to breakdown cellulite, even faster.

Pregnancy massage

Gentle massage that helps to induce primarily a pleasant, relaxing feeling of well-being not only for expectant mothers, but in relation to it and their baby. It also helps to eliminate swelling in the legs, neck pain and other discomfort during pregnancy.

PAYOT Cosmetics

Payot is a French brand that has caused literally a revolution in the world of cosmetics and spa . Payot was important for women to understand simple routine, which is the basis of skin care : cleansing, toning, treatment. This method soon took over most of the major brands.
Cosmetics Payot is suitable for all skin types and its products are in the most luxurious beauty salons around the world.

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